Imagine us

Imagine us

Skin touch

We love

We fuck

Too much

Heart yearn

Bodies burn

You ache

My turn

You peak

You scream

Both comming

Both sweating

Chest heaving

Breast bouncing

Body quivering

Legs wrapping

Lips kissing

Words whispering

Keep going

Don’t stop

Passion flowing

Never stops

So wet

You are

Taking you

To stars

And wonderment

Always more

Never less

Whether dressed

Or undressed

Wanting you

I obsess

Every thrust

Deeper, harder

Rough tenderness

Duality driven

Best sex

Between legs

That’s me

You’re imaging

The scene

Me, you

Love making

Our bodies

Ard pulsating

Feel me

Inside you

Want me

Need me

Come now

My seed

Stakes claim

Within you

Imagine me

Pounding you

You’re shaking

It’s true

Many times

We peak

Legs weak

Can’t speak

Heavily breaths

Plunged depths

Saturated bed

Who’s next

I watch

You perform

I see

You climax

So joyfully

For others

For me

Strange love

Fulfills me.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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