Proof you exist


Consciously and chemically

We need to find a balance

Accepting we can not always be perfect

Accepting we may lose our temper

Sometimes we may get mad

But ensuring we don’t let this way us alive

And managing to control our feelings

When they get the better of us

Finding that route to inner peace and calmer ground

Away of rooting ourselves back within our self control

To the inner love and the blissful soul

For none of us are perfect and thinking we is just delusion

We must find away to master our feelings of confusion

Understanding what triggers us

And practicing away to not rise to this

Is one of many lessons we must learn

But also to forgive ourselves

And not to let bridges we’ve built get burnt

Simply out of frustration for a perfection that we yearn

Understand that we are human

And it’s within our make up to err

It seperates us from being robots

Love yourself for all of this while searching still for more

That’s tucked away with and is in no way external

Stop looking for excuses and other people to blame

Just stand up proud and with your strength proclaim

That you are flawed yet inspire of this

You are filled with love

And that you manifest the inner peace that you deserve

And you are blessed with the consciousness of the universe

And through this you will always learn

That the answers, strength, love and peace you seek

Reside deep within so dealing with negative emotions

Are not a sign that you are weak
But that is actual confirmation

That these feeling prove you actually exist.

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