Standing by people


I stand by anybody that needs help

I stand by those who are persecuted,

You ask my why and I’ll tell you plain

I don’t see why people should live in suffering and pain,

If I can be there for anyone

Who needs a friend so as to stand strong,

I will be there believe me I will

No matter you race, your colour, or your faith

I will be ready to stand by you

No matter your gender, or sexuality in all truths 9o9p0

I am your friend and I always stand by you

No matter the height of the mountain to be climbed

Just know I will always be there lifting you up

And helping you to reach the top

I charge no fee, require no reward,

But may it will forge a bond where we can all come together

In a unity and love, that doesn’t divide,

It teaches us to not to take sides but be unified

And all through this I’ll be there right by your side.

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