My mind is dark


Sometimes we find ourselves

Swimming in a sea of despair

Sometimes we wonder if anybody cares

Is it me or am I right?

My mental state of health is suffering from a blight

And I can’t see the truth

And I can’t feel the love

Even though I know it is always there

I just feel pain, am I going insane

What the hell is wrong with my brain

My life is not so hard and it’s not so bad

So why is it I feel this way

I need the love and the embrace

If someone close who hears what I say

I need to feel, that I appeal

But alone I feel so afraid

I just feel pain, am I going insane

I feel like I can’t survive this life

But I know that I must hold on tight

And try to find a path to the light

Which I know is within my own mind

And I search in vain, running out of time

And I am just look for some signs.

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  1. Powerful… the love and kindness of the people who care about you is incredibly hard to feel sometimes, but it’s definitely always there. Love it ❤


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