Give thanks


I write to let creativity out

I write so that I may shout aloud,

A message of peace, love and compassion 

Coming from my soul just not as a fashion.

I write in hope of  frienship and connection 

 to like minded souls travelling in the same direction,

Of righteousness and equality

And aspiring to see our race connect in unity.

I write to show that we can all be one

Regardless of politics and religion.

That not even colour or nationality or even sexuality

Can stop us befriending and being happy.

Sharing and caring views and thoughts

Sharing experiences we have all been taught,

Through writing we  become family

Regardless of all and any beliefs.

So I thank you all for sharing your heart

I thank you all for playing a part

In showing no matter our colour or creed 

We can all get along sharing love, compassionately. 

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