Where do I belong


I ask myself where I fit in in life,

then realised I don’t fit in,

I am not supposed to fit in.

Maybe I am meant to be different

maybe standing out is my mission.

But then I wonder

maybe even though I don’t fit in

maybe I don’t stand out,

maybe I am not seen at all

maybe I am irrelevant.

Then I realise

these worries and fears are irrelevant,

for just existing is a miracle.

That just being is enough

and how I or others perceive me  is inconsequential,

it is how you live that matters

it’s what you do that counts.

Show Love

show compassion

be at peace within

and be kind to yourself and all things.

Sing your own songs

dance in the rain

don’t be afraid to live.

Life is an experience

experience it to the full

and be happy in all you do.

Let everything else take care of it’s self.

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