Bloody wars, no reason why


I see bodies in the rubble,

I see images of suffering,

I see the bloodstained children,

who are traumatized,

and I wonder how we don’t seem to realize,

how bad things have got,

how we have settled for our lot,

as victims, to those at the top,

these despots will not stop.

How far do we have go, before

we say we have had enough of war,

started by the few,

to cause suffering on the many,

let’s start a revolution,

and put an end to all the wars.

Religious wars, political wars,

wars for oil, what the hell for,

they are not even for a good causes,

these wars that are fought,

solve nothing at all,

and what is ever achieved by war,

we all are fooled.

A few bad men, replaced by similar,

a corrupt system falls,

and then rises once again,

same things keep going round,

only the faces change,

it is not surprising,

it is not even strange.

Because war keeps the arms dealers rich,

and they are the only one who profit from it,

they sit in ivory towers selling

arms of death and destruction,

working on plans to plot reconstruction,

of the political and monetary

map of this world

but in the end it will be them with

their flag unfurled,

for these people don’t crave power

through the ballot box,

they achieve it through extreme wealth

they monopolize the lot.

They are the 1% they own everything,

and with their extreme wealth ,

it is easy corrupting,

those who seek to join their club,

by starting bloody wars,

that are not designed to benefit us,

it’s all about their cause,

of enriching the wealthy,

and getting the rewards,

meanwhile the innocent die for no good cause,

they were brainwashed into fighting,

by those in power,

these murderous callous people,

and their doomsday hours.

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