Shining light


A shining light showing the way

Shining a path through the cosmos,

A shining  light, bouncing off stars

Leading a trail straight to our hearts,

The light of creation is the brightest light

The light of creation lights up the dark.

The light of creation ignites a spark

That can bring us love forever together

As a unified race it shines through the ether.

There are light waves everywhere 

But we just don’t see them

For we do not share,

The nature of the universe

We think ourselves  separate

And that’s our curse.

Blind to the matrix,

Blind to the facts,

That life can be colourful 

Not just black.

For light and colour

Disperses that dark

And leaves us showered in the sparks,

Of radiant emotional purest love,

And if we can feel it’s essence

Then we can travel so far,

And we can be one with the brightest light 

That shines among the stars,

Then we will be United for eternity.

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