First world problem 

So my car broke down so bad it needs scrapping. This after ploughing good money after bad into it. So now I go to work each day by train and bus. I get up and leave early and get home late. Trains and buses are not cheap. So I had a choice despair at my bad fortune made worse by now having little or no money to show for it. Or learn and see the appreciation in the situation. The fact that I took going to work by car for granted. Something I will not being doing if I ever get a lot her one. I also realise that this is in the scheme of life a minor problem compared with other much more major difficulties and struggles in life. So I learn perspective too. What may seem a huge problem really is not at all. Just very inconvenient. Yes such a long day leaves me tired and exhausted but for many this is again minor. Just surviving each day is an achievement.  So all in all though I would like to wallow in a little self pity my appreciation regarding true hardship won’t let me. I learn no matter how life may assail us, often others have it far worse, so find the appreciation and the lesson in hard times and grow. First world problems are a dream to people suffering 3rd world problems. Positive footnote is I have reduced my carbon footprint:)


4 thoughts on “First world problem 

  1. So happy to hear you attempting to stay positive in this challenging time. I’m right there with you. I haven’t had a paying job for 6 months and have had to watch as my savings trickles down and down and down to the minimal, but some people don’t have any savings at all, so I can’t be too sad. Are the trains and buses at least reliable where you are?

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    1. Lol no not really. Sadly 2 people committed suicide Tuesday jumping in front of the trains. This delayed my train by hours but that’s minor compared to the 2 people who sank that far down that they felt death was their only choice. The constant rain does not help I am sure if I struggle to stay positive through this, what chance do they stand. Maybe they didn’t even notice the weather, maybe life was that bad for them.


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