Tragic life

The rain is beating down on my face,

Driving so hard that I cannot see 

And in this moment as for a while

I can see little choice, light or hope for me.

Stood here on the precipice of broken dreams

I dwell on my mortality,

Teetering on the very edge of living,

This existence seems so unforgiving. 

Only darkness fill my views

I can not seem to get through,

To find the love, the light, I once cherished

Now I am on the brink, about to perish.

One step is all it needs,

To end this life of misery,

Off this cliff on to the rocks and sea,

End of suffering for me.

I can no longer bare the beauty of this place,

My life I feel, will disappear without trace

Forgotten I will be having left no mark,

I take that step closer my eyes and all goes dark.


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