Tree hugging in the park

I was walking through the park today, admiring the scenery and the Lake. I saw swans and Canadian geese in abundance but that was not what caught my eye. Out of my peripheral vision I caught sight of a man in his 30’s I’d estimate hugging a tree. His eyes were shut and I could tell he was deep in the moment. I looked, thinking how cool, no one else seemed to pay him any notice. As I kept walking I looked back and saw he had left the tree and had removed his shoes and was spinning in circles around and round. That’s when I realised how domesticated and repressed I am. I knew because of how I was raised and the environment I live in that I could never conceive of letting go like that. I felt saddened by this thought and realised that although my spiritual growth had come along way, I still had a long way to go. To feel the grass and soil under barefoot, to lose myself in the beauty and wonder of nature and to absorb the energy of tree regardless of the many people around was an incredible concept. To care that little what others thought, the idea was liberating. I could do this if no one else about but to do it at 3pm when many people were about! Wow unbelievable. I clearly have much to learn still and as I walked to catch my train the man filled my thoughts. He has shown me what I need to learn. To develop myself more to careless what others think, to enable me to truly let go and fully liberate my being and express my love for life and nature without limits. Who ever he was I thank him for showing me this.


11 thoughts on “Tree hugging in the park

  1. U know its v intersting that we can absorb energy from tress and also by walking bare foot ground energy can be absorbed,its v interesting topic,
    .good post.

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  2. I love this so much. It is hard to let go of the stares people give during tree hugging. I’ve yet to be shoeless and spinning! It is very nice to also walk into the dense brush with a blanket and sit among the vines in the middle of brush, lost, yet totally connected. It brings an almost childlike glee.

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