Universal tongue

Symphonic harmonious sounds

Echoing through time,

The echoes of primal rhyme 

Altogether to sublime

And nature talks to universe

Just for us in foreign tongue,

We have not learnt to communicate 

Which could see us one day undone.

If we could communicate with Gaia

And the matrix universal,

Maybe we would understand

Why, how human existence is so controversial,

We go against everything

That is natural and good,

Like the destruction of the rain forests

For our greed for hardwood,

Why we over fish the seas

And grow synthetic GMO’S,

Because we think we know better

And that creation doesn’t know how to grow,

Our arrogance and ignorance 

Not to hear the songs and sounds of planet,

Is the reason we will not progress

Unless we willing to change this,

We need to tune into environment 

And universal tongue,

And develop new ways of living

So we can transcend and start moving on.


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