Qualities required for a good life

Compassion has no boundaries, unconditional love cannot be contained, benevolence is something that should be coursing through our veins. We all should develop these qualities, if we wish a happy life, one based on goodness and doing that which we know to be right. Tolerance and understanding and a willingness to share will help you stand out like a light as someone who truly cares.


2 thoughts on “Qualities required for a good life

  1. Dear friend,

    My Master Sant Kirpal Singh once said when he was asked in a tv-interview during his stay in the USA to describe the old teaching of spirituality which was taught by many compentent Masters in different times and different religions as messengers of the truth in a few words: – and he answered: “Be good, do good and be one”

    When our thoughts are clear and controlled and adopt the colour of positivity, then naturally our words and deeds will follow in the same colour. Only our ego seperates us and lets us dive into a divided world of subject and object, but the drop of water is not just only single – it creates with millions and millions of drops a whole ocean, in which the drop is not separated. Thats why we are all one.

    To understand that we all are sitting in the same boat will give us a conscious boast to respect us all as brothers and sisters…

    According to Gandhi: We need to change ourselves to change the world – in this connection our responsibility starts – not waiting that others do this job – but each of us is wanted and asked to do so. During this journey, to change ourselves, we get to know ourselves – we get to know all the tricks which with our mind is trapping us again and again – once we know those tricks – like a mirror to ourselves – we are able to direct the mind in us. It is a journey into ourselves – and when the water is calm we can see our own face in it… this is called: “Man know thyself” – it is spirituality, the beginning of a long journey home…

    Thank your, dear friend šŸ™‚

    From heart to heart

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