Deep sleeping 

Awakening from the deepest sleep

I have a dream for humanity,

If it can stir if it can wake

There is no end to what can create,

Turning off its destructive side

Looking deep within itself,

Knowing that the truth resides,

If faith and love not genocide.

Deep into mind I start realise

The benefits to being kind,

Outweigh remaining blind

Seeing death and destruction,

As a path to our growth

Is something based in ignorance,

Something we realise as we get old.

Rising so high, I cannot stop,

It understand that with every drop 

Of blood we spill awakening just will not

Occur within our race,

So we to try to change,

If we do not stop

It will only last to the last drop,

Of human blood.

That will be then of humanity ,

That will be the end of you and me,

The planet will go on,

Past our extinction,

We are nothing special you see,

Just a humanity that bleeds,

Through its arrogance

And it’s ignorance,

That we have to fit into the matrix

We have to align,

With the universal and cosmic

Structured life and time,

If we going to survive. 


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