Time for something new

Religious dogma and rhetoric

only seems to leave the world in confusion,

has not seemed to heal or fix any of it

maybe what we need is a new order,

one based less on man made ideas

about accumulating wealth

and keeping it from the poor,

maybe religion should focus less on power,

help those struggling just to get by.

Religions have become like a corporate entities

making money and building up power,

using it’s influence to radicalize

with it’s extremist lies.

We need something new that focuses on,

peace, love, benevolence and compassion

we something new that appeals to the heart

and spreads messages that come from the stars,

cosmological, spiritual refrains,

not the same old message of division and hate,

with answers that come from within

that we could all find with some encouraging.

Meditative practice to improve the soul

not just a quick prayer to resolve,

the sin you committed and the repentance of a crime

simply because you confessed to the divine.

We need to find our moral and ethical self

we need to care for the planetary health,

we need to focus on poverty and stopping war

need to locate anger, hate and the cause,

which is normally spread by those up above

who see no investment in global love,

more to be made from the war machine

and the guilt of holy sin.

Find away of teaching people wrong and right

lead them from the path of darkness and into the light,

get people to understand one simple thing

the responsibility and authority lies within,

take accountability for the things you do

own every decision that you choose,

don’t try to lay the blame somewhere else,

‘God told me to do it’ no it was you, yourself.

Start to build a movement that is based on uniting

laying down their arms no longer interested in fighting

embracing the human spirit and the universal matrix

these are just some ideas for a global fix.


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