Anguished sounds


The sound of a whale is the saddest ever heard,

Like a cry ringing out in a universe of eternity,

Echoing off of stars.

They remind me of those desperate lonely stressed out moments

Of my life,

Where I wish I could recreate that cry,

Like anguish and a desire for succour. 

Lonely the whale plots it’s path through darkened oceans,

Gliding as if flying through space,

Dark, cold, empty and filled with solitude.

Sometimes this can see like the mirror image of my life,

I plot, I glide along my lonely universal path

Of conscious unknowing,

Listening out for sounds to fill the empty void.

The whale and myself sing out the cry into the depths

Of universal time and space,

Like an anguished chorus 

And a saddened lullaby of lonely endeavour,

Along a path stretching out eternally forever.

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