Sound of loss and pain

Shrouded in love and grace,

Taken away from this place, my side, my heart.

We were ripped asunder 

Which triggered my storms

And the sound of my thunder

As I roared in the rain,

But could anyone here 

The sound of my pain,

Or see my tears

Your loss to me was far to great

And caused my heart

To shatter,

To break

And leave me in turmoil,

Standing shell-shocked

And this abiding pain will not

Be lost or ever forgot,

For the storms still roll over within me

And the thunder still crashes believing,

That such a loss is to great to bare,

But somehow through a miracle 

I am still standing here,

Crest fallen battered but somehow not defeated,

No, I will not allow anything that satisfaction,

I live my life but with the constant distraction

Of you my angel, 

Shrouded in love and grace,

Residing in a holy divine peaceful place.


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