My motivation 

Has disappeared 

I feel so tired lately,

Can’t seem to get

Myself up for the day,

It seems everyday 

Is a grind and I can’t see any end

And everything around me is chaotic.

I wish I knew a way through this

How to get motivated,

How to find the energy

To attack each and every day

But I just can’t find the answers

And I just can’t find a way through

And everything I know I should be doing,

Seems to difficult to do

Beyond me to achieve,

So I just struggle on the same way

Day after day,

And I wish I could make that change

I wish I could feel better days.

This is a result of a hard life

Of getting knocked down

And although I picked myself 

Up off the ground,

It’s left me hollow

And worn out. 


9 thoughts on “Motivation 

  1. Take a couple of days OFF, and I mean OFF. Sleep on the couch with your remote controls and a magazine. Limit using them. Sleep, daydream, stare into the abyss. On the third day, everything you’ve been putting off will look like alternatives to those piled up dishes and laundry. Hopefully. Not joking, I do this myself.

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