Living the lie

Nobody lives without flaws

Nobody lives without failing

Nobody lives without being wrong

The truth is to keep living on and on

As if it is and adventure

A life of discovery

And only when we pass

Will we truly find a place of recovery

We need to stop believing we can live perfect lives

For when we live believing this

We are living a lie.


4 thoughts on “Living the lie

  1. I cant say I believe in living a perfect life. I cant say anyone expects to live a perfect life. Atleast bu the age of 10, you kinda figure out it’s impossible to live a perfect life at least I did! What I can say is, I have no interest in creating obstacles for anyone’s life artificially or for selfish reasons. That’s where I have a deep seeded problem.

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    1. Live openly embrace your flaws and failings, don’t be afraid to acknowledge you can be wrong and understand that we learn lessons from this that help us grow. Accept who and what you are and love yourself unconditionally.

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