You don’t know me

Call me what you like 

But it won’t affect me

Judge me on my actions

But you do not know me

Don’t understand the life I’ve lived

Has always be hard

But I’ve learnt from the lessons

Of the past.

Your inane comments

And the things you say

Are all a part of the games you play

Unless you walk a mile in my shoes

You will never know me

So don’t get confused

I know my self

I have firm beliefs

Use my intelligence

To understand what I see

I see the illusory

And I see the lies

You can’t pull the wool

Over my eyes.

So you can keep your negative opinions

They are not welcome here

If they are based on violence and fear

And wonder why I don’t act

The same as you do

I say it because I use my words

More carefully than you

I’ve lived my life among violent types

It brought me down

I don’t need to walk the streets

With a constant frown

Looking for confrontation

Where ever I go

I don’t need this life

On this issue

I’ve outgrown

The need to inflict pain

Upon anyone else

I am happy with my spiritual life now

I am happy in myself.


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