The true value of being

The world is part of creation and nature. Nationhood, borders, flags and anthems are man made. This world was created free and for all to share, not for anyone to own, divide and control. It was created for us to travel and to exist freely and to learn to coexist with all other species as well as to nurture our environment. Not to destroy, kill and exploit. We have lost the true value of our existence here and our place here. We fail to understand the gift we have been given. Do we have to completely destroy everything before we truly understand before trying to rebuild it. We can still do this but not for much longer. Soon enough we will have taken this destruction to far and there will be no hope left to save what we have destroyed. Wake up to the truth. Reconnect with nature. Reconnect with creation. Reconnect with the self and the true understanding, values and beliefs of why we are here.


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