Consciously connect

Connect the cerebral cortex

To the pineal gland

And the consciousness 

We see before our eyes,

Will see through the illusory

State of being

Into a state of pure reality.

When we can learn to combine

The two, we will then understand

The reason for our being

And our life experiences.

So connect the cerebral cortex

To the pineal gland

And all universal knowledge

Will be yours,

And you will travel to the centre 

Of the core,

That is spiritual benevolence 

And a pure soul connection,

With the heart that 

Flows with love

That it is unending,

It’s truly beautiful.


9 thoughts on “Consciously connect

      1. Yeah… just had to get off the train. Was getting lap danced unnecessarily by some suit with no spatial awareness or real life experience. I find it easier to give the transport company money each week and just walk instead. I know one bloke still with 3-6 years to go on his prison sentence because his swearing coupled with housing hopeless alcoholics made too many new age spiritual egos uncomfortable. Funny thing is he is ok in the jail, praying, and helping other guys. The guatds love him. Unfortunately those who conspired to put him there still aren’t satisfied or happy in themselves. Weird

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      2. Some people seem to work better in that environment rather than being outside. Easy to get lost, swallowed up and spat out in the world were few care genuinely for others but do a good job of looking like they do and faking it. They tend to lack the harsh realities and experience of those who do understand and who as a result suffer accordingly with their own issues and that of others. Others seem to get some self gratification and self righteousness from Beaton those who suffer more because of their struggles and compassion for others.

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