Sometimes we feel flightless

That we can not spread our wings and fly


Like we feel to much weight holding us down

When all we want to do is fly around

And fly away

To see the beauty of another perfect day

Or just to get away for a break

From all the endless days of monotony. 


Sometimes I want soar among the nimbus

Just glide along the tail formation

Of emigrating birds

Who also felt a need to fly somewhere 

Else upon this earth

And discover new horizons.


The need to be free 

And leave the everyday life

Far behind me

As I spread my wings 

And Savour everything

I could be experiencing

If I could.


Skimming tops of trees

With the green meadows

Mapped out below me

Or a desert scene

With sand as far as the eye can see

Or a rainforest

Breathing life for the whole world to exist

What an experience this would be

So transfixed

By nature and creations beauty

And wonder.

So I sit here Flightless

But imagining these dreams

That take me on a trip that is amazing

And I know

That there is more to life than we can believe

If we just open our eyes and see

How much better life could be

If we chose to fly

Let out a cry

That says I want to be free 

Instead of Flightless

To participate in creations 

True wondrous scenes

Floating on the jet streams

Like a bird in flight

Chasing all our dreams

We could anything at all.


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