Are you centered in love

Or are you centred in ego

Are you fine letting others shine

Or do you need to be the centre of attention

Who are you and which life do you lead.

Do you share 

Do you care

Do you resonate compassion

Or are you filled with hatred and fear.

Are you joyful and happy

Or are you bitter and sad

What’s at the centre of you.

Have you found inner peace

Or are you in turmoil and anger

Are you giving and forgiving

Or do you hoard and grab all

Tell me what is at the centre of you.

Is your heart wide open and shining with light

Or is is it closed and so dark that you’ve lost your way

I want to know what’s at the centre of you.
Via daily prompt: centre


8 thoughts on “Center

  1. For me: There is no center. This way everywhere and everyone can be the center simultaneously. A pseudo-anarchistic (in the literal sense of “anarchy” = “without overarching structure”) reading of a Zen take on political science and the void of personal subjectivity stemming from this. It all amounts to Nothing much. Thanks for the thoughts. šŸ˜‰

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