Kinetic charge

Colliding like atoms

Kinetic in charge,

Bouncing off of walls

We are rebounding off of stars,

We are out of control

And at times we explode

And we resonate light

Whilst in astral flight.

We are molecules in motion 

We glide and we fly,

We cause a commotion

Painting pictures in the sky

Of what it means

To be human,

What it means

To be spiritual,

Still we are out of control,

We have no where to go,

For we are nomads of the universe 

Wandering through time,

Seeing the beauty of the heavenly divine

And we feel it’s grace,

As we transcend beyond this place

And we enlighten

And the sparks we cast are frightening,

Lighting up the stars,

From both near and far,

Like a light show at an arcade

We all just play the part,

Of being spatial,

In a irrational dream

And fantasy,

Of our own making 


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