We can build

We can build

we  don’t always need to demolish,

we can build

we can to try to re establish

a firm base from which we can work,

a place of care where nobody gets hurt.

We can build

if we believe this, it can be,

using love and peace

we can achieve anything,

in a world that’s growing darker

in a world that seems unsafe,

we can build a new tomorrow

if we have a little faith

and understanding,

in each other,

a little more tolerance

and a whole lot less demanding.

We can build

build up people, life and earth,

we can build

and end this dearth of hope,

that increases destruction,

that is beginning to define our world.

We can build

something wholesome and good,

that will help us shine a light

on what is wrong and right

and guide us down the right path,

into daylight out of the dark.

We can build

if we all learn to unite,

we can build

if we learn to work as one,

we can build

on a future that could be so bright,

if we try,

so lets build.


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