We know so little 

How little we know about the past. How little we can explain or perceive about past ancient and lost civilisations. They achieved so much that we cannot adequately explain away. Evidence shows that probably many traveled and exchanged cultures, which we have never known. But as we see by the temples and pyramids of Egypt, Peru and China to name a few that connections and communications were made in ways that are still unknown.Similar hieroglyphs spread all around the globe among Aborigines and Mayans, how could they have known of similar skills of recoding historical events. We think we know so much yet we don’t even know how they built Stonehenge how they managed to lift those stones. How did Egyptians form faces of such perfection, cut into tombs such straight lines that must have been so delicate. Not by hammers no by chisels they are to acute for that, to intricately cut, nothing seems to fit. Maybe there were visitors from another time and space or this people travel from different dimensional states. Images of spacemen and seemingly God like men, Descending down from what it seems is space or heaven. We cannot even guess at what has now gone before but I think it goes well beyond our understanding once more. I think though one day we may just know like how Tibet an monks were preaching, teachings based upon quantum physics centuries before we started believing. This world in which we live right now is cloaked in mystery and shows us how nieve we are about our past history.


3 thoughts on “We know so little 

  1. Dear friend,

    Perhaps you might be interested in this extraordinary story from a whistleblower of Dulce. For me it makes sense as I have made researches and found answers which confirm that what this Colonel has to report. But read yourself if you like and reach an own conclusion. I have also studied the old high cultures and think that we were genetically manipulated. Somehow I am shocked to see the rapid development during the last 100 years – while nearly over 2000 years the development in technique had a rather slowly course. Anyway, there are thousands of traces and relics during mankind’s history that are not so easy exlainable. The whole subject was drawn into mud and absurdity – but there seems a method behind…

    Here two links, of which one is a pdf-download



    Thanks for sharing 🙂


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