Youthful yearnings

I miss those carefree days of youth,

Playing in the park

Home before dark,

Out with my friends,

Seemed like those days would never end.

Back in the day

Golden in every way,

Sunday shone it’s rays

As we were at play,

Laying on the grass

Staring up at the sky,

Allowing all those days,

Like watching the clouds 

We simply let them roll on past,

Wondering what fun it would be, like to be older,

A little more experienced and whole lot bolder

But how times change,

I now crave my lost youth,

Those days of innocence 

Isn’t that the truth,

Coats and jumpers used for goalposts 

As we played footy on the field,

Riding bike like speedway stars

These things had such appeal.

Playing air guitars to all our favourite tunes

Being quite spontaneous

And doing things out of the blue.

Playing knock down ginger

Or maybe hide ‘n’ seek,

Getting covered in mud

And grazing our knees.

These were such fun times

They all seemed endless summer days,

This golden age I miss so much 

Especially the energy, in every kind of way

And the thought that we could be

Anything we wanted, when we was at play

No one could tell us differently,

Nothing could have got in our way,

For we would no be daunted.

We could be like the Lone Ranger, Zorro or Batman

Be a famous footballer that was one of many plans,

Those memories will always stay with me

Just like my hopes and dreams

And I will never lose hope that one day

I will amount to something,

Of some kind of notoriety 

See my name there up in lights,

Even if its just a fantasy

That has long ago, simply taken flight.


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