Wake in darkness

I woke to find myself in darkness 

Wrapped in despair,

Within the embrace of depression

And wondered, what I was doing here.

As I gazed around I saw the fear

Resonating both far and near

And knew that if I did not stay strong

I would be dragged down,

I knew I would go under.

Yet I knew if I held on tight

I would get through this darkest night,

If I kept strong

Then I would soon, once again, see the light.

Sometimes you may feel like falling

Sometimes you may fall to your knees

But you have to keep believing,

No matter how much you want to give up,

You must keep faith and keep on going

Don’t stay in the rut.

No matter how dark your journey gets 

Stick to the path and don’t forget,

It will not be dark forever

The light will one day shine

And the shadows will be erased,

You will then feel clarity of mind

And Bathe in the sun rays

And you will feel the benefit,

Of happier, brighter days. 


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