I doubt

I have doubts that under the present way we live

That we continue to exist,

Without destroying everything

Is not possible without major change

To our present thinking that is deranged,

Where we kill animals for beauty and sport

Where environmental destruction is often so keenly sought,

By corporations with money, influence and power

I doubt we will ever see mankind’s finest hour,
Polluting our lands with wires and plugs

Infesting our seas with plastic and shit,

Causing acid rain to fall from the sky

With smog levels rising along with the tides,

As the icebergs melt, Oh sorry this is a myth,

If you believe this, your dumber than I think,

Cutting down amazonian trees

Destroying the  Great Australian Barrier Reef,

I doubt why they even understand our grief

Meanwhile in countries like Tibet people have to suffer being oppressed,

Tortured, murdered, disappearing from sight,

Ethnically and culturally cleansed but that’s alright,

Because China laid claim to their lands

So we can let Tibetans  suffer at their hands,

As long as it doesn’t affect our trade

Don’t get me started with Trump in the USA.

All these factors along with the trolling and hating

The left and the right furiously debating,

Who’s on the right side,

Who’s in the wrong,

While religious extremists keep blowing up bombs.

What a humanity we truly are

Where love and peace don’t get you too far,

Where so much revolves around war, violence and hate,

Meanwhile mobilephones turn adults and  kids 

I to zombiefied vegetative states,

This is why sadly and with regret I say,

I doubt as a humanity we will ever

Transcend to an enlightened state,

But instead in time will self exterminate.

I say this not to extoll fear,

It’s just so obvious

And very clear,

That there is a storm coming

And the end is near,

I doubt that you believe me

Because your so focused on money and greed,

And the importance of filling your home will materialistic needs,

Meanwhile humanity haemorrhages and bleeds to death,

In it’s self importance and ego,

That stop us being free chokes from us all our final breaths.
Via :daily prompt: Doubt


4 thoughts on “I doubt

  1. There is real cause for concern in the world at present with the way we are so disconnected from nature. Here in Australia this year the rising temperatures have terrified me. Things are dying due to lack of nurturing rain. I feel greed has so dominated our mindset that we are now on a path of destruction, however I feel the earth will in the end kill off humans hopefully before we can destroy everything because the power of nature is much stronger than the power of greed, ego and disconnection that humans are currently living in. Sadly the ones with power and influence have very corrupt values.

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