Oh, desire

Oh, I desire you in those skin tight jeans

those long legs and the subtle things

that curve in the right places that then fill my mind,

with thoughts of tracing fingers over you.

Wild are these thoughts of mind

they send me so lustfully blind

I have to remember that there is more to you.

Than skin tight jeans and long legs

you are a beauty with ample breasts

but more than that you have a mind so smart

a wit so amazing and a creative art for holding a whole room

with your intellectual chatter.

For you are more than just desire

you set my heart on fire

you are the epitome of everything

that’s wonderful to me,

and i want you to know that of everything

you mean the whole world to me

and don’t ever go changing

because you are flawless to me.

Especially in those skin tight jeans

with those long legs that fill my dream

it’s not like these things play on my mind.

But I will love you more each day

and take my love right to the grave

because you are are everything and more

than any heart can desire

and of that you can be assured.


Via: Daily prompt : Desire




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