Numb me



To number the pain

Getting addicted

To let go of shame



Anything that works

To take away

The anger

Relieve the hurt

A life of darkness

Of highs and lows



In an effort

To erase the memory 

Of you

And what you did

That plunged me

Deep in this word

Of suffering 

If my brokenheart 

Don’t kill me

I am sure the drugs will

Then the pain 

Will be gone.


3 thoughts on “Numb me

  1. I never hang around such places after competition on Saturdays. It is bad enough that decent blokes have had their kids subjected to witnessing drug use…. even worse I thought that kids had to see some ex professional with too much cash insistent that his bud is like ecstacy and works when he sticks it up his ass.

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  2. Cracks me up how mainstreamers have acceptable drug use patterns with their expenditure of disposable cash on weekends and think they are burning the candle both ends. Where are the low bottoms? The skid rowers? Survive and make a comeback from this and one gets treated as an even worse pariah than when we were teetering over the brink of life and death for a matter of years. Just read a drugs in (AND) sport piece of literature for the mainstream scenes. OMG… any young person who doesn’t drop out of sport and does their little local hero routine is as bout a hard unit as Billy Crystal. Why would a real athlete bother? Why would a real drug user bother? They should choose one or the other… no dishoner either way.. and weigh in as adults. Then again we have motorbike clubs with one motorbike between 13 members. The drug use I see around the locale probably gives morons slightly improved social skills and a topic worth talking about.

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