Ruminate on this

I pondered

And chose to ruminate,

About how we got into this state,

Where life has become so cheap

Where innocent children

Openly weep,

For the loss of their family

In a bombed out street,

Left alone scared and in grief

And in other parts of these cities

Children’s bodies scattered the ground,

Silencing their once playful sound

And all sides are in the wrong in this,

Killing innocent civilians and kids,

We should be ashamed 

Of our humanity for these crimes we commit,

What will it take to put an end to this,

To find some peace, to find some love,

It won’t come in the form of government or terrorists,

These are brutal machines of death and destruction,

Blood lusting psychopaths

Will leave absolutely nothing,

But death, tears and grief

And a world torn apart,

For they care for nothing

They have no heart,

So we have to be the change in this world,

Starting within and changing ourselves,

And demanding more peace,

And demanding more love

And saying no more slaughter and death

We have had more than enough,

And bring down their ivory towers

And these establishments,

Created by these corporate multi death machines,

And seek new beginnings 

A new peaceful dynasty,

Where innocent people can live safely in peace

And where there is a brighter, better future for you and me,

Ruminate carefully on this and I think you will agree,

This destruction must no longer define our humanity.
Via daily prompt: ruminate 


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