Rock of ageless 

Though now 54 summer have past me by

I am still forever young inside,

That ageless punk who still rocks out

That angry youth who still shouts loud,

In the face of injustice

I still want to create a world of love and peace,

I have not yet become cynical,

I wish to embrace life in all

Of its beauty and it glory

I want to keep writing new love stories.

I see this older face stare back at me

In the mirror it reflects someone else.

I feel younger than I appear to be

Which is frustrating believe me.

No matter how much time goes by

No matter how fast it fly’s

I will never age inside 

Within my soul or my mind.

I will always dance and sing,

Forever young throughout my being

Always giving out unconditional loving

To all of those who connect to with me

I am forever young and forever free.


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