In the end

Spectral images

Filling my head,

Vision of fear

Thoughts on death,

The eternal concern 

Of how we will end,

Cause some people

To sink into depression.

But life doesn’t end 

We simply transcend,

No reason for fears

No cause for tears,

Celebrate my life

And laugh and have fun,

After I blink out

After I am done,

Remember my highlights

My faults and my flaws,

Remember the good things

And my unconditional love for all.

Don’t worry or be sad 

Or grieve over me,

For I will be waiting

To begin again,

A new life of experience 

Of learning lessons to grow,

When we all end nobody knows,

So live courageously and happily

With love in your heart,

Live in the light

And don’t dwell in the dark,

Be amazing be benevolent 

Be peaceful and caring,

And remember as energy

We live throughout time,



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