Walking between Earth and the underworld 

I walked with demons

I knew not their names,

They introduced  me

To brimstone and flame,

I smelt the sulphur

And the reek made me choke,

As my lungs started 

Filling with the acrid dense smoke

And as I walked with the demons

Of which I knew not their names,

The showed my a river running

Through the flame.

From the entrance to Hades

Was the river Styx,

Flowing with hate and detesting,

And as I stood on the banks

Watching all the wretched souls,

Feasting on the water

Seeing how their souls had been sold,

I turned to those demons

Of which I knew not their names

And said I am not cut out for this

Or for your brimstone and flame

And my soul is something precious,

That is not up for sale

And so whatever you say will not avail,

Any hope that I will join your


I want none of the is unholy union,

So I beg you farewell

And I walked away

And from that very moment,

I made that life change,

To live in the light

And not in the dark,

And use this experience 

To create a spark,

Of love and devotion

On a spiritual plain

And those demons I met,

Of which I knew not their names,

I knew I would never

Be meeting again. 

Image courtesy of 2009-2015 Marlow from Deviant Art


12 thoughts on “Walking between Earth and the underworld 

  1. My connection with the spirit world is that I can hear a train 2km away and pick up my feet to run over a minute to intercept it at the station… while hitting in with they Mickey Mouse club on here 😅 this is running brave like Billy Mills at Tokyo. Welcome to the healing ground. We are in the spirit world 😅😆😇🤔 keep those doors of perception clean and finely tuned…

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      1. 4 circuits of intelligence.. with octaves. Robert Anton Wilson picked up on it with Prometheus Rising.
        Called a reality model. Leary was a Berkely professor around the psychedelic era then got involved with the development of VR.

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      2. Please do. I just found our psychedelic society here is starting to look at it. Once they all get past all their space cadet stages…. if they ever do

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      3. Media gurus etc… these days now claim that Leary was on the payroll of the company with his promotion of LSD and the catch call of “turn up, tune in, drop out ” that he espoused. Apparently it was done to break up the organized opposition to the Vietnam War? I found Leary interesting for his involvement with the Grateful Dead and then later Jaryn Lanier in the development of Virtual Reality

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