Genocidal race

We have lived with genocide throughout our history

The genocide of humankind

We have done this with such callousness

And have become truly sanitised

And while we all accept this there is one genocide we deny

The slaughter of animal species

And their extinction plight.

We torture and kill them in laboratories 

For drugs and cosmetic tests

We kill them in the slaughterhouses

Claiming their meat tastes the best

We make fur and leather coats and shoes

Out of animal skins

What gave us the right to incite this animal abuse.

So we commit crimes against humanity

And others species too

For we are not what creation intended and that’s the truth

We were put here to be guardians and nurtures of this earth

But instead we have exploited it for everything it’s worth

We are the cancer of this planet

Rotten to the core

But it’s not to late to change this

We can help nature to restore

The balance of this earth to the paradise it once was

And learn to assimilate with this earth

And full fill our potential worth.
Image courtesy of Google 


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