The record of my life

If I made a record of my life

it would be one laden with hardship and strife,

yet here I am still standing,

for there is no point in staying down

when life has beaten you black and blue,

no point in waiting to be picked up

when you have been knocked to the floor,

for those who put you down there

did it for a reason, so why would they pick you back up.

My life has been based around scrimping and scraping

yet here I stand smiling too,

because in my heart i know that there is more to life than money

and i am sure it part of the root cause,

to many people’s stress in life

and as someone  who suffers constant debt,

i can testify to the fact, that although money i lack,

it will not make me any happier than now.

For i am happy and i feel free,

and i bask in unconditional love

for all my friends and family and even those i have not met yet.

Let it go on record that though many years have passed me

I am still in pretty good health,

that i love life and fight for whats right

and stand up for those who are in need,

because i understand the simple fact

there are people worse off than me.

I have no gripe against people of colour,

or different political or religious views,

I have no problem with gender or sexual orientation too,

for this world is a varied place and there is plenty of room

for all of this variety it’s true,

and the more we learn to understand the motto of coexistence

and the lesson we can learn and hold us in good stead,

is tolerance through and through.


Via: Daily Prompt: Record



14 thoughts on “The record of my life

  1. I feel real happiness lies in small things like watching a bird building a nest or feeding its nestling…or one taking a stroll at night gazing at stars and bathing in the silvery rays of the moon…or simply listening to a beautiful song….I don’t believe that one can find true happiness in chasing big pursuits like desire fr a lot of money or fame

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      1. Also, I do business out of my home and have a crack-smoking schizofrenic living behind me with her perverted old sugar daddy. Gets crazy.

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  2. I know I am blessed and wealthy compared to most simply because I don’t feel a need to hurt others and because I have a home, ac/heat, water, food… but I still get sad cause others are SOOOO jealous and rude.

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      1. They may offer you their poison but you don’t have to drink it. The lesson to be learnt is to be happy in spite of them and to not let their toxicity effect you.


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