Fading in and out of life

There are days when I feel I fade in and out out of life,

there are days when nothing i do seems to be right,

where everything goes wrong, the more I seem to try,

sometimes I feeling like giving up and feel the need to cry

but I know that solves less than nothingness,

I know that each tear cried, hinders my dreams from being realised,

so carry on, and I keep pushing on and I let go the pain,

then I realise each time I fall I must get up again,

and though I fade to grey and although I feel the anguish

of fading in and out of life,

like a distant memory dispersing in light

and drifting into night,

I just keep hanging on to something,

something known as life, because I know it’s right

and I hope that one day, the future will be bright,

So I keep holding on and pushing on,

in the hope one day, I will feel the love again, for my life.




2 thoughts on “Fading in and out of life

  1. Sounds like a Saturday night as a teenager. Once a Ned Flanders neighbor called the ambulance on someone having a heart attack in the driveway. Turned out it was just 2 teenagers having sex.

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