I feel the water above my head,

I feel the sensation of my immanent death,

as I feel myself drawn under

feel myself being pulled down.

Suffocating, lungs are filled

I dance the dance of my last breath,

drowning unable to avoid certain death,

I feel the peace of this,

I feel every moment in time,

as I am immersed the water,

it liquefies my mind

and as I reach my final end,

I can not help remembering,

that as I cast my eye out over the sea,

I had thoughts and dreams

that in my past life I had sailed the seas before,

and maybe it was fantasy,

or maybe it was synchronicity

but in a past life, I thought I had drown

but maybe it was a portent, of what is happening now,

I am drowning,

I going under,

I am being pulled down,

suffocating in the water

and the cold that once chilled my bones

is so much warmer now

and as my thoughts start to slip away,

I close my eyes and fade to grey,

immersed in the water.


Via: Daily Prompt: Immersed



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