Jungles of creation

Somewhere in the jungles of a far off distant world,

adventurers searched for tribes, of who were previously unheard,

they struggled through the subtropical temperatures dripped in sweat,

wondering what  they are likely to find next.

Three moons up above them shone in various different colours

and hovered above the canopy like orbs like no other.

As the adventurers broke through the clearing,

Beauty befell their eyes, a scenery so scarcely seen by anybody’s eye,

They were perched upon a cliff top over looking a valley wide,

with multiple waterfalls and trees of enormous size,

Plants and flowers bloomed in abundance and a myriad of insect flew by

and just above all of this a rose red and pinkish coloured sky.

It was a scene that was so picturesque and startling to behold,

as the waterfalls poured down graciously in to a huge river that flowed

beyond the far off mountains and disappeared between the trees,

which were ornately covered in dappled various coloured leaves,

many had rose pink blossoms but some were white and blue,

many of these blossoms had subtle differences in their hue

and as the adventurers gasped and stared on in wonderment

they wondered how amazing life must be living among these trees.

Then as they climbed down a rocky path leading to the huge river

a sudden feeling among the trees made them all  start shiver

and out from between the gloaming a spectral figure emerged

and bowed down in front of them and spoke almost in verse,

‘the reason for this beauty and all this wonderment,

is because of one simple reason and a very sad lament

that this is not a place for man, on this beautiful planet’.

With this simple statement he waved his spectral hand

and in the blink of an eye and to no great amusement

they found themselves back on their spaceship heading back to home,

for the planet now behind them was actually creations home

and was the default environment that all races on planets could achieve

if the worked with nature and played a part of the link,

rather than trying to exploit it or control it to their needs,

in the name of power and profit based on greed.







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