Lone writer

She was sat there with her blond hair

the object of desire

with her short tight skirt and her vest top

temperatures rose higher

she had long legs and beautiful body

with curved in all the right places

and as sat alone she typed her heart out

describing and tracing

the stories of her life within a textual dream

she played with word and language

so erotically

she let out pent up frustrations

on her laptop screen

while she sat there she enacted in her mind

her wildest dreams.

For although she was desirable of that there is no doubt

she wrote many a masterpiece through letting frustrations out

and as the words flowed so did her imagination as well

in a hope to sate her desires and that her aching body would be quelled

for she had no time for relationships

she had been burned to many times

so she learnt to ease her yearning body and her creative erotic mind

through writing out her fantasies in a solitude of desire

and as she wrote she felt each wore and felt her feelings mired

in a torment of frustration in a tornado of chronic lust

as she concluded that which she wrote down she felt that she was just

in letting out and letting go in a burst of passionate energy

and in those moments that followed it surpassed the imagery

if self love is the one thing we all need to learn to achieve

then this beautiful, intelligent, woman mastered it believe me

And as she packed away her laptop and rose to make some tea

she felt the benefit of her creative erotic relief

and she smiled and thought for a moment how less complex

life can be when you do not rely on others for that sensual relief.




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