Massive Mess

Massive is the universe in which we live,

Massive is the potential of our consciousness,

Massive is the unconditional love that can be,

Massive is the the illusory life we all share,

Massive is the wrong we do as a humanity, to those who share our planet too,

Massive are the divides those who rule impose on me and you,

Massive is the task to bring about a world of peace,

Massive is the populous that choose to sleep through all of this,

Massive is the awakening change we need, so innocent people need no longer bleed.

Massive is the the need for equality, compassion and also tolerance,

Massive is the mess we have made of this world,

Massive should be our shame, seeing bodies of you boys and girls in the rubble of the bombed out streets,

Massive is our lack of empathy or understanding, as we are carried away be xenophobia and radical extremist beliefs,

Massive is our own authority to take self responsibility and accountability,

Massive is the cost we will pay if we don’t change our destructive ways.


Via: Daily Prompt: Massive



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