Our own authority

Trepidation of what may be,

anticipation of all we see,

viewed not just in reality

but also the illusory,

for every thought

and every sound,

every taste,

that seems profound,

is all a product of the mind,

created by consciousness

in real time.

Every hope and every fear,

created by your mind

and it’s quite clear,

that you have the choice

to change all the things

you think each day.

The smell of lilacs and roses too,

the smell is defined by you,

it is a unique choice you choose

and cannot be  compared by me,

for we all savor smells differently.

It’s the same with sounds

and all we hear,

it is evidently clear,

that all things are created

and processed in the mind,

and once we understand this

then all is fine,

for we can then stop blaming others,

or worrying about what the future brings,

for it’s all down to us you see

and how we act and how we choose to be,

for we are our own authority.





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