Cosmic queen

She traveled space space

she straddled time,

with grace and beauty so divine,

she bore herself to the universe,

no amour on but just a dress

vulnerable yet somehow blessed,

she was a light worker who addressed

and face the void of endless darkness,

without the fear of loneliness

and shone her light for all to see,

especially for those weak and in need,

she gave herself to the cosmic tides

faced the squalls and was prepared to ride,

the spectral oceans the the foamy seas

of distant constellations to release,

those caught up within the dark

those who’s lives were bleak and stark,

for as a light -worker she gave herself for others,

she was the universal lover and mother

and as she composed and conducted sounds,

of the symphonies among the stars so eloquently,

raising vibrations and frequencies,

she created hopes and new dreams,

for those who’s lives felt forsaken,

those who’s hearts were breaking,

she this goddess and beauty of the night

commanded that angels all take flight

and steer those in need to safer waters

and in to the still and loving harmony

of cosmically calmer seas to feel the embrace

of self belief and self peace,

for this was a measure of her compassion

as she stood there in her fine dress,

commanding action from creation

through her strength of will

working hard and fighting still,

to bring about love in the world

this beautiful light-worker girl,

a vision a dream, a warrior queen,

a star traveler conducting the cosmos

with light rays and laser beams.


Image courtesy of Pintrest



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