Seeking controversy to make their name

Controversy is the code that some people live by,

this is how some people spend most of their time,

it gets them noticed, it makes them stand out,

makes other people rage and shout

but I think the best that we can do,

if all they want is to make a name

is ignore them and don’t play their game,

deny the limelight and the fame

and hope fully one day they will fade away.

When exposed for who and what they are,

they are not authentic, they are just trying

to hard, to get the most attention

and if we deny them this, then what have they got left,

just a lot of empty words which are a waste of breathe.


Via: Daily promt: Controversy


One thought on “Seeking controversy to make their name

  1. And then some avoid controversy at any cost to keep.their name…. fimding the balance between which is which is the role of.the shaman or detectibe. Many are poisoned now and toxic in this reality…. Neptune in Pisces

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