long gone, the age on men

The age of men will be no more

when we have finally explored,

the depravity of our being

one of exploitation and destroying

and then this earth will fall to silence,

without the echo’s of the wars and violence,

just temples and statues will be the only memory,

as a final reminder of humanity.

Just birds tweeting and insects humming,

wind blowing, seas rolling

in and out from shore to shore,

sun shining in a sky of beautiful azure,

and meadows green in verdant lush,

trees sway, as we now see how creations brush

painted a masterpiece of paradise,

then spoiled it all by giving humanity life.

But now than man has gone to peace,

found it’s eternal release,

something it could not find

twas always out of reach,

stuck in the illusory

unable to attain conscious reality.



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