We need to exercise constraint

when living life to the full each day

we need to know what is to much

and just what is enough

and the only one that can measure this

is you yourself

you know what fits

too much of a good thing

can be worse than a bad thing.

Taking and doing things to excess

will always leave you in a mess

leads to losing any control

lose the grip that you had hold.

Just because it feels so good

does not mean it is

this is a vital lesson in life

never try demeaning it.

No one else can know how much

is to much that is down to you

to look within yourself and know the truth

of how much you can do

without the risk of going too far.

Self understanding and self control

give you the ability to keep a hold

accepting who and what you can take

helps us learn when to apply the brakes.

So keep a mindful eye on self

and take responsibility

for how you live in each moment

and keep yourself free

from dependability.



3 thoughts on “Excess

  1. This is something I often think about: just because you can “buy it, consume it, use it, and otherwise dispose of it” doesn’t mean you should. I would hope that if I were a millionaire, that I’d keep the same house and spend responsibly and give the rest to those in need. A beautiful poetic reminder to keep ourselves in check. 🙂

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