Work that body

The body perfect does not exist

but some get very close to it,

I admire them in so many ways

they have a body to be craved

but me I have let that slip,

not massively but quite a bit

and though I’d like back my six pack,

there are more important things to me.

But I still try hard to keep healthy,

still do my best to keep myself fit

but sometimes the closest I come to it,

is watching the feminine exquisite,

running past me Lycra and spandex clad,

full of energy with amazing abs,

with almost perfect bodies looking fab

full of joy while I feel drab.

I think that there may come a time

when I may give it another try,

go for Tai Chi instead of weights,

and Pilates to trim away

the excess poundage, tone the muscles,

rather than that old kind of tussle,

with machines of torture I used at the gym,

in times gone by when I was fit and slim.






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