Nothing humane about humanity

People who think that their god grants them special favors, while that same god allows millions of people to suffer and starve, are not only delusional, they're also especially arrogant, vain, and self-absorbed. And haven't read their own book of fables to recognize their own self-described sins.:

In a world where so many people have so much

why do others suffer on the minimal amounts,

what is about the refusal to share,

or even show how capable we are to care,

what is with humanity,

That we can not be humane.

We live in a world in a state of insanity,

where half the world suffers from obesity

and the rest die because there is nothing to eat,

we live in a world in a state of insanity.

What is about the refusal to share,

or even show how capable we are to care,

what is it with humanity,

That we can not be humane,

it’s just crazy,

why do we have to watch this passively

we need to change our world so drastically.

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8 thoughts on “Nothing humane about humanity

  1. Dear friend,

    The problem lies in all of us, in our root, in our mind. Once a Saint said: “If someone tells you to move mountains, well this you “may even believe” – if someone tells you, to drink the whole ocean – well also this you “may believe” – but if someone tells you, he has overcome his mind, the thousand-headed hydra with thousands of tricks in us – this you may not believe… so we have to discover ourselves, to watch carefully in all situations what our mind is thinking, speaking and doing – to see the real motives of it behind (do we want acknowledgement, want to make a show, are telling lies, to tell something to gain advantages, something that reflects to our ego and makes us proud etc…) – with the help and grace of God we can empty us that we are no longer the doer, but the puppet on the string, in the will of God, a tool of God with a pure mind, pure heart – but this is not at all easy. in the world we see a mind-war between people and our whole world is acting on the level of lust, hate, anger, greed, ego. Gandhi said: “If we want to change the world, we have to change ourselves – adopt new and positive habits and be of service to man, land and soul to be of service to God, to live and practise the higher values of life.

    Thanks for sharing, dear friend

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  2. And where some of us who say this creatively with quantifiable proof are at more risk of harm from medical doctors and police than anyone else. In fact bleeding hearts and artists who sacrifice in order to help others are treated as more repugnant citizens than murderers and rapists by those who need not question it. They did after all free Barabus though expect a rewrite soon whether literal or metaphorical.

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